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Cassie's Jig

Download my latest track Cassie's Jig, here!

Also available on other platforms. Please click on the link to select your preferred way to listen / download:

The tides, they change with time



I wrote this piece in the midst of a global effort to stop coronavirus in its tracks by self-isolating.

I am donating all proceeds made from the sales of this single on my website store to Age UK, who are working tirelessly to support vulnerable and isolated people during the coronavirus pandemic. 

You can name your price (the minimum value I can set is £1) to purchase this single. Every download will make a difference to Age UK. 


Thank you very much!



I'm pleased to announce that my EP Surya Chandra is OUT NOW!

Surya Chandra is a two-track, bedroom recorded EP, inspired by a piece of artwork hidden within the ruins of an old quarry on the beautiful Shropshire Hills. "Surya Chandra" translates from Hindi to "Sun Moon".

Jess' picks

I have put together an eclectic album containing some of my favourite tracks that I have written. 

shadowlands ep

Jess' new 2-track EP features haunting, hypnotic sitar melodies, woven with electronic textures. 

Hard copies currently UNAVAILABLE 

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